Filled with a colorful choice of music stemming from all over the world,
Inspired by the title track "New York Fantasy - All The World In One City", Duo Stoyanova.

The title track "New York Fantasy - All The World in One City" inspired the twin sisters for their first CD. These compositions, from different countries with various sounds and rhythms combined into a lively musical palette, capture the spirit of Harlem jazz clubs to China town or of the flamenco. Music trip with modern works, which push us on many image associations and fantasies thanks mostly to the brilliant and temperamental interpretations.

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1.  Sergio Chiereghin:
New York Fantasy
2.  Manuel M. Ponce:
Drei Stücke für zwei Gitarren:
Scherzino Maya
3.  Intermezzo  
4.  Scherzino Mexicano  
5.  Jakob ter Veldhuis:
6.  Atanas Ourkouzounov:
7.  Jovan Pesec:
8.  Hans Georg Lotz:
Duo für zwei Gitarren: Ruhige Viertel
9.  Vivace  
10.  Sehr ruhige Viertel  
11.  Molto allegro  
12.  John W. Duarte:
Variations On A French Nursery Song, op. 32:
Thema. Amabile e con morto
13.  Scherzando  
14.  Adagio  
15.  Con bravura  
16.  Comme un branle, pas tressé  
17.  Furioso e con forza  
18.  Comme un menuet un peu lent  
19.  Finale